Sand City

Only to go abroad to shoot song sequences. Muluppatame evolved in a foreign country. It 'Sand City' Considered purely in the Gulf state of Dubai has emerged as a desert paradise 'Sand City' 'Orutalairakam' Shankar is known for more than 200 films in Tamil, Malayalam actor, who plays the Shankar directed the movie. He iyakkiyullavar some pictures already in Malayalam. 'Sand City' image tijeem Associates Vasant Kumar has worked on behalf of MIT. Three friends and family poverty in Dubai from India to survive and continue to work. Reside staying in the same room, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, one of the differences are forgotten. Unexpected in Dubai to get into trouble whenever they struggle out of the story. In the film, friendship, love is everything. If a woman loves two men will meet in Dubai, Valentine's problems are present. Dubai is not the laws of our country. There simply can not go on like India bail. The Arabic language is with a known lawyer can argue anything valakkenr. So communication is a problem. Lawyer fees too high. As such, there are many practical problems. If the case goes to some trouble to deal cataranavisayamalla release. The film tells us that too. Director Shankar speaks about his experience in the land of the sun when shooting "Vocation of the law will be severe. Continuity to allow even better than before now. Rules tightened it. Someone there patametuttuvittu forth incorrectly cittarittatuntu. Wrong views of the country being the use by the rules tightened there. So there shooting struggle where is it going to take what the scene would not say that . the entire story of the film. want to translate it into Arabic and read the Media Study Committee will decide about allowing us to shoot,'' he says. There're so many rules. Difficulty getting larger and larger buildings in Dubai have been on the recording. Even without leaving the mountain areas of Dubai have been captured kemaravukkul. For this image natippatarkenru three persons from India have gone. All other ullavarkale in Dubai. Praj Man From here, the heroine taniska, only three people have gone to Gautam. Nayakanana praj was Jackie's cantivi video. Tamils ​​in the island paccaimaram bathing 'in the Malayalam film' Thriller ',' Tournament ', who was acting in films. Penkalurkkarar taniska a heroine. 10 appears in Kannada films. Varuna Shetty, who plays the heroine was born and raised in Dubai. Chose him to act on them. Man with a friend of James, the main character and choose one uses it in Dubai. Other supporting characters, crowd, mob ankullavarkale all been used. Sridhar film camera, music Ren Gautam, songs - maniparati, Rajkannan, tamilamutan, dialogue - R. Velumani, Editing - sp. Ahmad, dancing - Sony mokos, live, stunt - Rajesh Khanna. It is a story about friends and friendship love is love Fragrance. 'Sand City' film completed shooting the lead in Dubai 52 days are completed. Tupayiltan happening throughout the story. Only a few minutes of struggling to understand the roles of the family environment is displayed only in India. While shooting, the director of national experience in Vail "Comics based on the unmaikkatai. Everything can be imagined., But it does not show imagination and Dubai. Dubai story is very strong and will be strong backbone., It appears like a character. Therefore conclude that there took hood. Sun burnt on the roads outside the meetings took all the trouble. Caravan of actors, not at all. Karukkulleye collaborating again. So likewise are collaborating to help. "He says. Grateful. 'Sand City' story, views, context, background and believes that attracts all sorts of people. 'Orutalairakam' Shankar, the director Shankar. AC passport without a visa to Dubai Be prepared to see in the movie theater on a sunny land.