Sampurna A Exclusive Coffee Table book featuring SANGEETHA KALANIDHI SUDHA RAGUNATHAN

For immediate release
04 January, 2014, Chennai, India

Launch of Sampurna – a Coffee Table Book that outlines the musical journey of Carnatic musician Sudha Ragunathan. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to Samudhaaya Foundation.

Sampurna is a coffee table book that sketches the musical journey of Padmashri Sudha Ragunathan who has been awarded the Sangita Kalanidhi for the year 2013, one of the most prestigious awards in Carnatic music. This book traces her life in music from the high point of the Sangita Kalanidhi, through her decades of growth as a musician, the period with her illustrious guru Padma Bhushan Dr. M.L.Vasanthakumari and then dwells on her early years – a journey in life and music that reflects wholeness – ‘Sampurna’.

Says Sudha Ragunathan, “The price of fame and success is hard work, complete dedication to every minute task, and the determination that whether it’s a win or a failure, the best has been given at each point. I have come thus far with a singular focus, strongly supported by those special souls and the Almighty. This book gives you an insight into my life’s special moments that has made me the person I am today”.

The book reflects a picturesque path that this stalwart musician has travelled, captured as photographs by T. Selvakumar and as paintings by artist AP Sreethar. Deepti Zachariah has authored the book with additional content by Usha Dinesh, Sundar Ramachandran, Kaushik Ragunathan, Urmi Dutta and Malavika Ragunathan.

This coffee table book also has a DVD component that opens a window to view a cross section of people – all lovers of Sudha’s music and who have had an association with her at some point in time – expressing what they feel about Sudha Ragunathan and her music.

Photographer T. Selvakumar played a key role in the making of this coffee table book and the DVD. His photographs have captured some rare and unique expressions of Sudha and brought to life some frozen moments. He was emphatic about the fact that her versatility gave him tremendous scope to shoot many a perfect picture. “Music and photography are my passion. Photography creates an intense bond with your subjects, colors and lights. Nothing excites me as much as the varied moods and tones people and object bring and reveal in front of the camera”, says Selvakumar.

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Note to the Editor:

About Samudhaaya Foundation:
Sudha Ragunathan’s Samudhaaya Foundation reflects her love for society that has given so much to her – immense love, recognition and appreciation. Samudhaaya Foundation focuses on health care for lesser fortunate children – funding for heart surgeries, cancer care and infrastructural assistance to the institutions sheltering them.

Credits for the photoshoot
Photography & Concept: T.Selvakumar,
Ramana: Makeup artist
Ambika: Hair Stylist
Rajee: Stylist
Saraswathi: Saree Draper
Ravi: Chief Costumer
Karthik: Photo Assistant
Alexander: Photo Assistant

About the Publisher:
After the success of A.R.Rahman’s Reflections Coffee Table book, Audio Media has created yet another masterpiece “Sumpurna” , on Sangitha Kalanidhi Ms. Sudha Raghunathan.

For more information please contact:
Audio Media,
46, Beemana 2nd street, Alwarpet,Chennai – 600018
Ph: 044-24981208, 044-24671245 Mobile: +919884058595.

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