Sameera Reddy gets engaged

Jilla is a much awaited movie by all and there arises a question when both the superstars co-star, who is the best?? But now it seems that question has been answered. It is said that Vijay had directed to Keep Mohanlal’s name first in the title card of the movie. Jilla arouses gret enthusiasm and curiosity in the minds of the viewers as the superstar of malayalam and the Ilayadalapathi is acting together in the same movie. There were chances for ego clash, but then it was only in acting that there existed a competition between them and in nothing else. When the makers of the movie was confused in keeping the name of the stars in the title, Vijay asked them to keep Mohanlal’s name. Regarding this Neshan had called Mohanlal and asked him if he could keep Vijay’s name as it was a Tamil movie and Mohanlal had consented to it too. But when Neshan called Vijay, he had asked the opposite to be done. Mohanlal is a veteran actor and it is his name that should be kept first, said Vijay.