Salman Khan – Still a virgin!!!

Salman Khan confesses on National TV that he still is a virgin. It was in the famous show, ‘Koffee with Karan’ aired on December 1st that Salman confessed to the whole world that he is a virgin. He also said that he is going to save himself for the one who he is getting married to. Salman had affairs with lot of Bollywood divas from sangeetha Bijlani to Katrina Kaif, yet he still remains a bachelor even at the age of 47. He said that his relation with Sangeetha reached upto printing wedding cards but then the whole thing went upside down.
When asked by Karan what he felt of his Ex-Girlfriends, Salman said that he at times either ignored them or ran away from them, he had a life of this own and didn’t want that to mix up with the lives of his past relations. The questions asked by Karan made Salman remain in a hot seat!! When asked why he refrained from attending this shoe fro the past 4 years, Salman replied that the type of questions asked by karan made him feel shy and very uncomfortable, so just didn’t show up.