Salman Khan And RamCharan Theja Joins

Salman Khan and Ram Charan Theja Bollywood Star Salman Khan and Tollywood Star Ram Charan Theja are joining together. Ram Charan was the hero in the Telugu version of the Salman Khan movie Sanjeer. Ram Charan who visited Salman in Mubai had said that they are going to do a film together.Salman's sister Sohail was also there at that time.Regarding the copy right of Sanjeer there were some controversies but Salman co operated whole heartedly;said Ram Charan. The film was a flop but he is not brooding over that but engaged in the work of the new movie and it will be released during Dasera says Ram.For Ram Charan who is the son of Chiranjeevi, thhe entry to Bollywood may make a difference in his career.