Salim Raj is Like a Family Member to Chief Minister – Kodiyeri Balakrishnan

Thiruvanthapuram – The ex gunman Salim Raj is like a family member to the Chief minister said the LDF Deputy Leader Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. That is why Government went to the court on behalf of Salim Raj. The chief minister has gone so weak that even a suspended police man can blackmail him said Kodiyeri.
One of the close family member of Mr.Chandy has given a petition against the ex gunman in the family court in 2008. The petition has revealed the relationship of Mr.Chandy with the gun man. Kodiyeri also mentioned that when the Opposition leader V.S Achuthanandan wanted to highlight in the Assembly that there is a case exist in the family court against Salim Raj, the speaker instructed to switch off his mike. Mr. Kodiyeri accused that the Speakers act shows that they are trying to protect the chief minister.
The high court has stayed a single bench order directing the police to produce the telephone records after the state government filed an appeal.