Saiju Kurup Along with Aravind Swamy in Tamil

After playing different type of roles in the film, recently the actor Saiju Kurup likes to play villain characters. Now the actor i is gearing up to play villain in a Tamil Film along with Aravind Swamy.

Saiju told that he will acting in the Tamil Film starring Jayam Ravi in the lead role. He also told that his character will be a negative one and he will be in the part of the gang headed by Aravind Swamy in the film.

Saiju Also plays the negative role in the film Akashvani in which Vijay Babu, and Kavya Madavan plays the protagonists. He told that he had done negative characters before, but the character in Akashavani is an out and out cruel person. He argues that it is not easy to play a cruel person on screen.