Sahasam - Indiamovies The Telugu film world was tired of stuck up storylines and script when Chandra Sekhar Yeleti made his entrance as a breath of fresh air with a new trend in story-telling. Yeleti’s Aithe, Okadunnadu and Anukokunda Oka Roju were all thrillers, and now, after a long gap of 4 years, Yeleti is back again, this time with a very different genre. His latest “Sahasam” is an action-packed adventure film. The movie begins right in the middle of the plot. Gautam(Gopichand), an ATM security guard from Hyderabad starts on a search for his grandfather’s hidden treasure to Pakistan. The movie is filled with the various challenges faced by him on his quest, intermingled with brush-offs with the bad guys who have their eyes set on the loot too. Yeleti and team have succeeded in keeping the viewers on their toes till the end of the film. This is a well weaved movie with no loop-holes. And the characterizations have been given justice; especially the benevolence of Gautam and the selfishness of Sultan have been scripted perfectly. Both halves of the movie are equally enthralling, with none a dull moment, and humour all interwoven together to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. There is very minimal monotony in the second half, which is justified by the climax of the movie Hat’s off to Yeleti and team for the effort taken to perfect and polish every technical aspect of “Sahasam”, and end up with a flawless product. Cinematographer Shyam Dutt wove magic as he created the right locations with the right feel for the right scenes, which is indeed a very challenging job. The breath taking beauty of Ladakh has been captured well. The songs and background music has been composed by Sri which fits in very well in various sequences. The music was well received, though the songs may all not be chartbusters. Gopichand has played out his part with panache. His role as a greedy, ambitious young man, eager to make money, in the beginning of the movie,is very believable. Gopichnd and Tapsee’s pairing comes out well. The villain, played by Shakti Kapoor, is one that he excels in. In one-word, “Sahasam” is a high “adrenaline rush” movie and worth every rupee paid for.