S K Pottekkad

The Janapeedh award receipt S.K Pottekkad is a novelist, poet, travelogue writer. His full name is Sankarankutty Kunjuraman Pottekkad. He got Janapeedh award for his famous novel “Oru Desathinte Katha” in 1980


He was born in 1913, 14th March . His father Kunjiraman Pottekkad is an English school teacher. He had his primary education from Kozhikode Chalappuram Ganapath school. He graduated from Kozhikode Samoodiri college. After his graduation he worked as teacher in Kozhikode Gujarati school from 1937 – 1939.It was during this period he developed likeness to travel. On 1939 he made a trip to Bombay and it is this trip made the turning point in his literary life. It is from this trip that he started to write his World travelogues. It is through his travels he achieved lot of life experience and interest in writing. For some time he worked in Mumbai and he tried to travel all over India during this time. In 1949 he did his first trip to overseas via sea route to the countries like Europe, Africa, America , South Africa and most of the old asian countries, During his visit he got mingled with the local people over and During this travel he gained the lot life experiences, and thorough his writing skill, he gave some wonderful literary works to Malayalam literature. As a writer his contribution to Malayalam literature is really worthy.
In 1957, he contested the parliamentary election form Thalasseri, but lost by 1000 votes. In 1962, he contested in the same constituency and won the election with a majority of 66,000 votes against his fellow litterateur Sukumar Azhikode, a famous critic and writer.
It is 1928 his first story got published. The first story Rajaneethi was published in the samoodhiri college magazine. In 1929 he published his poem Makane Konna Madyam in Athmavidya Kahalam. In 1931,he published the story Hindu Muslim Maithri in Deepam Magazine. Following this he published his early short stories in the weekly Mathrubhumi Illustrated Weekly. His first novel was Nadan premam, which he wrote from Bombay in 1939. For his story Oru Theruvinte Katha ( The story of a street ) won the Kerala Sahitya Academy award in 1962. His biographical Novel Oru Desathinte Katha won the Kerala sahitya Acadamy award Kendra Sahitya Academy award and Jnanpith award in 1980 An honorary degree of Doctor of letters was bestowed on him by University of Calicut. on 25th March 1982. He died on 6th August 1982. When he was in Bombay, he was involved in India’s freedom struggle and also was worked along with some of the freedom fighters.


In 1957 he contested the parliamentary election from Tellichery but lost by 1000 Votes. In 1962 he won the parliamentary election from the same constituency with a majority of 66,000 against Sukumar Azhikode. He is the one among the rare writers who got elected to Lok Sabha.

Literary life

The Nadan Permam which got published on 1939 is his first novel. This imaginary work got an important place among the famous writers of Malayalam.
Imaginary this work . in 1940 published his second novel Vishakanyaka tells the story of Vyanad which describes the immigration took place from Thiruvathancore to Malabar . This novel got a price from Madras government.

Important works

With the publication of Nadan premam, a short romantic novel his talent in creating magic in the mind of the reader got highlighted. It is his specialty that by focusing on a main theme he will create emotion’s ebb flow in the readers mind.

He was a writer of strong social commitment and ideals having an individualistic vision. His style mediates between realism and Lyricism.

Important Awards / Honors

Kerala Sahitya Acadamy Award – Oru Theruvinte Katha
Kendra Sahitya Acadamy Award – Oru Desathinte Katha
Jnanpith Award – Oru Desathinte katha