Rithwik and Suzanne Parting

Hrithik-and-Susane Another divorce news from the Bollywood where marriages and breaks are quite common.Like that style of Dilip-Manju story the news now spreading inn Bollywood is about Rithwik and Suzanne.It is Indian Express daily that published thee news of their breaking.But this could be just a gossip; says many prominent in the Bollywood. Suzanne is the sister of Bollywood director Farah Khan.Suane,the daughter of Sanjay Khan -Sarie Khan ,and Rithwik are known to eache othe rfor so may years and they got married in 2000.Got two kids. Rithwik was recently in treatment and surgery for blood clot in brain in a serious condition.Recovering from that Rithwik is now busy with his big budget venture "Krish -3".The facts about the news on divorce may come out soon.