Revathi withdraws from the presenter’s post of ‘Malayali House’

Revathi in Malayalee House

Trivandrum: Malayali ‘House’ of Surya TV faces lot of criticism and at the same time its rating goes sky-high. Because of the severe criticism from several quarters and the threat of legal action, the anchor of the program Revathi is reportedly withdrawing from the program. Moreover, now the National Association of Women  has come to the scene against the obscene contents of the show. Lastly the State Women’s Commission also has expressed its displeasure against the show.

The criticizers say that this show is full of obscenity and its contents are not in tune with the morals of Keralaits. A legal petition has come to the court for its removal from the channel. In ‘Malayali House’ a group of celebrity stars are being shown locked up in a house. This is said to be the true copy of ‘House Big Brother’ and ‘Big Boss’.

It’s without the knowledge of the actors that it is shot and telecast. Right from beginning to end it’s full of obscenity and dialogues with double meaning. Though Revathi has explained that the shooting is done with the knowledge of the actors criticism continued to pour in. This is the reason which prompted Revathi to quit the program. Though she has not declared formally that she is quitting, it’s known that she will not be there in the coming episodes. But Surya TV has denied it as baseless.