Respect Mammooty : Actor Parvathy sticks to her statement

Actress Parvathy is facing severe cyber attacks for criticizing the film Kasaba. Recently actress Parvathy had criticized the character of cop played by actor Mammootty in his film Kasaba. She had recently clarified that he has only criticized Kasaba for glorifying Misogyny for treating a women poorly not the actor Mammooty who is an actor of par excellence. She stressed that she had criticized only Mammootty film and she had great respect for the actor and she had never intended to attack him as a person.

AS the controversy gained momentum, Actor Mamootty himself came out with a statement to make his stance clear on the issue.

At an open forum she had criticized that certain dialogues from the Mammootty starrer Kasaba as Misogynistic. She said that she stand by what she said at the open forum and will always voice towards such concerns and will keep speaking out until the public understands her.