Remove the delivery scenes in Kalimannu Notice to Sensor Board

Remove The Delivery Scenes In “Kalimannu” Notice To Sensor Board

Thiruvananthapurm: Human Rights Commission Chairman Justice J.B Koshi gave instruction to send notice to Sensor board on the petition given by Guinness Madaswamy asking for removal of delivery scenes from the movie “Kalimannu” .The petitioner argue that the scenes displayed like that will effect the physical and social growth of children and it is violation of constitutional rights .

Last day the Film Exhibitors association came forward asking for removal of the delivery scenes from the movie otherwise it will not be exhibited in Kerala.Against this FEFKA said there won’t be any movie release if Kalimannu is not exhibited. All this makes the issues related with Kalimannu more complicated. Things are in the way that it is going to effect the release of other movies too.