Rajnikanth in New Film

Superstar Rajanikanth is gearing up for his next film. Earlier there was a roumer that he may act in Yenthiran 2 directed by Shankar. But now it is reported that he may do another film before starting Yenthiran. The film will be directed by his friend Ravikumar. Ravikumar has extended his help for the production of Kochadiayan also. He has directed the super star earlier in film Muthu which got released on 1995. After that director has planned for another film titled Jaggubai But could’nt do. Later he also planned to make a film titled Rana. At that time Rajanikath fell sick and he was away from Films for long time and the project also got postponed. It is reported that he is planning to start the same film . The heroine in the film is Anushkha.