Rajjo – Review

The story is all about a girl who sets out in finding her love and realising her dreams.
The story of a young girl Rajjo (Kangana) who is called as Rajjo Rani who lost her childhood in the dirty corners of the streets of Mumbai is been told here. Rajjo was a real queen at the brothel and many lustful men were encharmed by her luscious, sensuous and voluptuos beauty. Once a youth of 21 years came to the brothel, and there buds an affair between Chandu, the boy and Rajjo. Their love remains platonic in nature and to rescue his rani from the brothel Chandu drops out from college without a penny in his hand.
Vishwas Patil had a heart wrenching story in him that had to be conveyed, but somehow either the narrative techniques or the execution of the roles or the cast didn’t turn out well that resulted in the flop of the movie, though it has a luscious heroine urging us to watch the movie for her sake.
Dialogues are not worth, some even evoke laughter in even the most emotional scenes. Though we are taken to the pathetic plights of the heroine, it does not create a cathartic effect in us, not a tear will we shed empathizing with the heroine.