Rajani Gave Home Tuition – Boy Gets Hundred Out Of Hundred

The Style Mannan Rajanikanth has given home tuition for a Boy for the First Time, His Name is Sarthak Agarwal. This boy was in news some days back for scoring 99.6 % to become the all India Topper for Class 12th CBSE Board Results. Now again he has become the star in Facebook.

The Young Boy who scored good marks on the academics is in news for a different news. A Page in Facebook went Viral after the Meme posted Sarthak’s Photos with hilarious comments.

He scored hundred out of hundred in subjects like Physics, chemistry, Economics and Maths. But lost only 2 mark in English. Because of this reason he lost his hundred percent.

The page started on Sarthak’s name has got nearly 100,000 likes.

The jokes on Photo comments were posted by linking starting with 3 Idiots, Alia Bhat, Aamir Khan, to Rajanikanth. Discussion also going rounds mainly focusing on the remaining 0.4% and Indian parents’ obsession with their children’s results.