Rajan P. Dev

Rajan P. Dev (Birth 20th May 1954 – Death 29th July 2009)

Rajan P Dev is one of the Prominent Actor of the South Indian Film. He was the Villain, comedian, and Character Actor. His character Kochuvava was been praised by all the Drama lovers of Kerala,


He was born on 20th May 1954 . He was born to noted stage actors S.J Dev and Kuttyamma. Educated from Cherthala High School, St Michael s College and S.N College. In his early days he has worked as the Film Representative for Udayam Studio. His wife is Santhamma and his children Ashamma , Jibin Raj and Jubin Raj. He died on 29th July 2009 at a private hospital where he was treated for liver related disease.

Film Career

“Sanjari” is the First Film Which Rajan P Dev acted. The drama “ Kattukuthira” is the turning point of his film Career. His Role in the film “ Indrajalam” directed by Thampi Kannathanam got highlighted.. Besides Malayalam, he also acted in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada language. He acted in more than 150 films. His last film was “Pattanathil Bhootham” with Mammooty in lead. He has done 18 films in Telugu and 32 films in Tamil and Kannada 3 films. Along with Villain Roles he also did comedies. He has a Drama Troupe called Jubilie Theatres,


He got best Supporting actor award in 1984 and 1986.

Film Direction

Achante Kochumolku (2003)
Achammakuttiyude acchayan (1998)