Raindropss – Cuckoo special with 25 visually challenged people at Sathyam Cinemas

Raindropss is a youth-based social organization from Chennai founded by Aravind Jayabal in 2011, concentrates mainly on delivering social awareness messages to the public through entertainment and media. Music director A.R.Raihanah (Legend A.R.Rahman sister) is the brand ambassador of Raindropss. Raindropss, took 25 visually challenged people to see CUCKOO film at Sathyam Cinemas yesterday evening (Monday). I was impressed by the way Raju Murugan has potrayed the life of visually challenged people. We wanted to make these visually challenged people happy and took them to watch the film, listen to brilliant dialogue andn music, thanks to Mahendran Raja and Anitha Mahendran for supporting us and making this happen", said Aravind. Raju Murugan, director of Cuckoo, hero Dinesh, Cinematographer Varma and A.R.Raihanah (Brand Ambassador of Raindropss), joined them for the show along with the Raindropss family.