Rachana Narayanankutty to Romance Dileep

Natural Acting, innocent smile, Rachana Naryananakutty has a different style in acting. Even with this quality she was not able to come to the number one category. Now she got a chance. There are reports that Rachand Narayanankutty will be playing the female protagonist in the film Life of Josutty’ directed by Jithu Joseph, casting Dileep in the lead role. Rachana plays the love interest to Dileep in the film.She says that the end of this romance is not marriage. She also added that the role gives opportunity to act.

She told that one of her greatest desire to act in Jithu Joseph film got fulfilled through this film. She got a chance to perform on the stage during the launch of Drishyam. From that time on wards the desire on acting in Jithu Joseph film got stronger on her She is happy on receiving the offer so soon. All the roles she received earlier was supporting roles and she is happy about that. Would like to do comedy characters. She has an important role in the upcoming film ‘Double Barrel’ directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery. Besides Rachana, Jyothi Krisha also plays a key role in the film ‘Life of Josutty.