Priyamani As Action Heroine

After a long interval, the nation award winning actress priyamani is again back to Telugu films.. The actress has done an action role in one of her latest film Chandi. The film which has lot of action scenes has been directed by samudra. In order to give the scenes a real touch the actress priyamani has learnt several forms of self – defense including sword fighting, fencing, shooting, archery and acrobatics. She had performed most of the stunts herself. In this film we will see Priya playing a role of substance. In the film Priyamani plays the protagonist It is a revenge drama and the film is about how she takes on herself the task of bringing to task corrupt officials and politicians who pollute the society. Generally the film has good reviews and the viewers and the critics are equally appreciates the new role of priyamani as action heroine.