Prithvi Is a Super Star : Sidharth

After More than two years of making film Kavyathalaivan which tells the story about threatre artist got released. Prithivraj and Sidharth plays the important role in the film and is directed by Vasantha Balan. The film also got released in Malayalam with the title Prathinayakan. In an interview given as a part of the film promotion Sidharth shared his shooting experience and friendship with Prithivraj.

Sidharth said “Prithivraj is my best friend. I also like him a lot as an actor. He is a big star. He is the superstar of Malayalam . I consider myself lucky to act with him in this film. In this film also we are close friends. But we do compete with each other also. Prithivraj used to help me to make my performance better and I also help him. Only with the mutual understanding and help a good film will be made”.