Prithivraj To Become Family Man

Prithivraj is gearing up to play a complete family man in his upcoming new film. Recently he was seen playing the role of Police and thief in many films. Now he will play this different role of family man in the debut film of Cinematographer turned director Sujith Vasudev.

Sujith has confirmed that Prithivraj would be playing the lead role in his film. He said that most of the time our ego and self esteem prevent us from enjoying life fully. The main lead in this story is also going through a similar phase, and later he realizes his mistakes and come back to life by accepting the true spirit of life . The story of the film is written by Sujith himself and the screen play is by Dr S Janardhanan.

The film has a strong and simple subject. Prithivraj will play the perfect family man and the story develops through the little pleasures and disappointments in his life. Director says that since the story is very simple , people can relate with it easily.