Prithiv Raj again to Bollywood

The critically acclaimed Malayalam Film “Shutter” is going to be remade in Hindi. The Original in Malayalam was Directed by Joy Mathew and this film was a major success. There was an earlier report that Alphonse Putharan is going to open the shutter in Hindi and he also informed that the cast and crew are yet to be finalized. Now it is sure that when the director opens up the shutter in Hindi, the Viewers will see Prithiv Raj .

The director Alphonse Putharen said that PrithivRaj will play the lead in the film. The scripting of the adaption of the hindi remake has already been done. It is through the Film “ Neeram “ he entered the direction. The initial film itself was a big success and the Malayalam and the Tamil film industry has noticed him. .

Hindi Version of the Film Will not be the photo copy of the Malayalam . There will be a slight changes in the story and the presentation of the film. But the name Shutter will remain. The film narrates the story of person who get trapped inside a room with a prostitute. The film takes a look at the hypocrisies seen in society today. The original version had featured Lal in the main lead.

Besides Lal, Srinivasan , Vinay Fort, Sajitha Madathil , also played an important role in the film. The film was a major success and won many awards in festival Circuits.