Preview – Bhai

Preview – Bhai

Bhai is a romantic comedy entertainer, with Akkineni Nagarjuna and Richa Gangopadhyay in the lead roles. The e Tamil actor Prasanna and Sonu Sood will be playing in important roles. Nagarjuna will be seen in three shades. In one of the shades he will be seen as a right hand for a foreign Don. In the second shade he will be seen as a tappori, while in the third shade he will be shown as a guy who is in search of his family.
It’s been a long time we saw Nagarjuna in a popcorn masala flick. The last name that one can recall is ‘Ragada’ which was about three years and five films ago. And incidentally, that was also the last film that made some noise at the Box Office. Movies that followed including Gaganam, Shirdi Sai, Rajanna, Dhamarukam and Greeku Veerudu, all of them attempted to explore the soft, devotional, patriotic and honest sides of the actor but failed miserably one after the other. No wonder, the actor woke up the producer in himself and said ‘Enough Bhai, Time for some moolah…’ and here he is, with an all shaking with dialogues, shimmering with starlets and swaying in action. This shows great promise with the teaser’s performance at the social media placed in the top five.
The first half of the movie will have the backdrop of mafia, while the second half will be filled with entertainment. ‘Bhai’ has Richa Gangopadhyaya, along with a herd of women wooing the Machismo. As
someone in an interview rightly pointed out, his age has stuck at some figure and Google is certainly not arriving at the right figure. So, a fit and gorgeous Nagarjuna will swing with all of them in the nights
while his days are dedicated to ‘Bhai’giri. There are enough twists in the story to take you thru action, dialogues, songs and sentiments.

The Box office performance cannot be predicted because of two reasons. Initially the political scenario in the state though he has not been dragged into the mess directly. Secondly Nagarajunas own disappointing form, but however, because he is a huge star, this may not hinder the opening day crowds. . The movie is slated to be opened for a Dasara crowd waiting to watch a big ticket film for over three months (Barring Toofan, no big movie released after Balupu June and the scene is no good for big films in the coming weeks) and that would be a huge plus.

Brazilian model and actress Nathalia Kaur and Hamsa Nandini sharing screen space with Nagarjuna in a special song for this film. Kamna Jethmalani was roped in for a special role in the film. Sekhar Kammula’s life Is Beautiful fame Zara Shah got the chance to work with Nagarjuna in this film. One thing is for sure, Bhai has certainly kept the buzz on the roll and keeping the young heroes back on ‘alert’ mode.