Preparing For The New Effort “Is Lattuk Bundi”

Maunamravi                                                  Ready for new bid                                                    "The Bundi lattuk" Gale's Cinemas on behalf of the new pataniruvanam with both jeans and Penny have prepared for the film "The Bundi lattuk" dubbed. The protagonist of the film Kiran My (female) appeared. The heroine of the jeans (male) features. And door flick, Mahanadi Shankar, Aarti, Madhumita Devadarshini played the role of the villain. Cinematography - Bhaskar. Music - celvajeke Dancing - matuar. Editing - Chandrakumar Product Management - Rajpal. Production supervision - Bhupathi Product - jeans, penny The story, screenplay, dialogues, Direction - Jeans Asked the director about the film .... lattuk jinc lattunratu world if the Bundi. The world, man, woman Bundi. Bundi's added a lot to tackle. Similarly a lot of men and women the world together. These men and women, women and men and how to be a man's dream story turns out! All the men, girls have become the dream world. Everyone is so ankala women. I mean all men mustache, beard and everything will be. But they soften kunattota women, must be nalinama. Likewise, all women must be atavatiya tanama ankalota kunattota rough. The men, women ultava irukkumnkiratai nobody expected to be more variable in a different manner've. Our seeing, racicca, just changing all visayankalume Did you laugh as you will see, how would you feel about it. It's an innovative, trying very different. All the men of the 2 ½-hour film in the history of world cinema as women, women as men natuccu everyone who has ever come to any film, "The Bundi lattuk" is the first film. This film is full of comedy. Fans can see the picture, everyone's stomach and sore as I was responsible for it, said the director of the jeans smile fell and fell. Ramoji Film City is filmed entirely in the shooting.