Pregnancy Brings a Different Feeling – Sanusha

suresh gopi

The Upcoming film “Dolphin Bar” directed by Deephan will have Anoop Sanusha who acted as a pregnant woman in her upcoming film Sakaria’s Garbhinikal Directed by Aneesh Anwar is saying that Acting as a pregnant woman and going through the whole ambit of all stages of pregnancy doubled her respect and admiration towards all mothers . Although the act is conducted for Film , to carry a child in her womb is entirely a different feeling. Even though she is not married , she is very happy that she got chance to do the role of a pregnant women in the film” Sakarias Garbhanikal” In film she will be seen as a school student . Besides Sanusha, Rima Kallingal , Geeta, Asha Sarath , Sandra Joseph , Anju Vargheese also doing an important role in the film.