Story: The chief minister is kidnapped. Not by Maoists as it is initially believed but by a lone young man armed with a pistol. His demand to release the CM: Rs 1,000. Is he crazy to have kidnapped a chief minister to extract that small an amount?

Movie Review: Quite naturally, the government is flummoxed. The police is helpless. The NSG brought onto the scene by the centre comes to rescue the chief minister Sambasiva Rao (Kota Srinivasa Rao) but is tricked by the kidnapper. After a cabinet meeting, the government decides to pay the kidnapper (and this exposes the way the system functions) his demanded amount but things only get complicated as the kidnapper makes some more ‘small demands’.

Manchodu Srinu (Nara Rohit), the kidnapper explains that he had got a fake Rs 1,000 note from an ATM but when he goes to the bank, the staff tears it into pieces. He wants a Rs 1,000 note but without a picture of the Mahatma. He feels that it is an insult for the Mahatma as with a note carrying his picture, even liquor is bought. Subsequently, the kidnapper makes more demands. He wants 84 ps! That is the small change that the staff at a petrol bunk do not return when he gives them Rs 71 for a litre of petrol which costs Rs 70.16.

It dawns on the chief minister and the police commissioner, played by Posani Krishnamurali, that Manchodu Srinu is not fooling around. In fact, with the demands that he raises, the kidnapper becomes a hero in the eyes of the public.

Considering that the movie has been released during the election season, there is enough dose that makes even the voters feel responsible when they elect their public representatives. The chief minister tells his abductor that people elect politicians who do wrong, just so that they can be benefitted by him by way of getting transfers or jobs or meet their other demands.

The kidnapper becomes a much admired man in the film for his bold step in abducting the chief minister to bring to the fore issues like black money but Manchodu Srinu has a word of advice for the public too. He says it is the people who are at fault for giving bribes. Manchodu Srinu gets inspiration to do something concrete to bring about a change in the society from an advice his friend gives him. The friend, a minister’s son, tells him it is useless to create facebook pages to raise issues or light candles on the Tank Bund.

Nara Rohit maintains his poise throughout the film fitting perfectly into the character that has been etched so well by the director. Shubra’s got a small but interesting role. On the whole, it is a movie that makes the public think. The film does not have those spicy Tollywood ingredients that make for an entertainer. Which is why, it is a refreshing and worth a watch to get our conscience stirred up.