Prathap Pothan comes with an explanation regarding the controversial post on Jayaram

Actor director Prathap Pothan comes with an explanation regardin the controversial post on Jayaram.
He said that the bad experience he had on invitinin Jayaram’s son is the reason behind the Facebook post. He also said that in the new Facebook post that he removed the controversial post not because of fear or the oppositions from the Jayaram’s fans.

The post of Prathap Pothan calling Jayaram the white colored fool with the Padmashree has already become a controversy. Prathap Pothan did not mention, Jayaram’s name in the post, but he had mentioned that he is a mimicry artist turned actor . the post had lot of criticisms against the actor. The fans also attacked Prathap Pothan on the Facebook for this controversial comment.

Following this Prathap Pothan has removed his post from the Facebook. He has also given an open clarification on withdrawing the comment. He had earlier approached Jayaram’s son for acting in his upcoming new film as instructed by his director.