Pranav lives not as Mohanalal’s Son

Malayalee audience always wanted Pranav Mohanlal to make a come back to films. But Pranav is always different from others. He does not prefer to show off. He has no starry airs of being a superstar’s son. In fact he loves to live a simple life like a common man. Being the superstar’s son he was offered lot of opportunites to act in films, but he declined the offers for acting. Now he is going to start his career in Films not as actor but behind the camera. He is going to work as assistant director to Jithu Joseph who is remaking the film Drishyam in Tamil. Drishyam the Malayalam film was his fathers film. In Tamil the film is titled as Papanasam and has Kamal Hassan playing the lead role. Jithu Joseph himself said that the behavior of Pranav surprised him. He is a smart and easy going person.He does not show any tantrums and has bonded well with all the crew members of the film. He does not like the son of the superstar and he does not demand any special treatment. He is so down to earth and he comes on the set as a normal assistant director . He stays with the rest of the assistant directors. This behavior pattern of Pranav is really appreciated. The director also added that Pranav would be a treasure for the Malayalam film in future.