Prabhudeva Is a Masala King: Shahid

Prabhu Deva-Indiamovis Rambo Rajkumar is getting ready for release, renamed as R.Rajkumar. Shahid Kapur who is the hero of the movie described Prabhudeva as Masala King.He also said; he thinks that the had given what Prabhudeva had expected from him. Adding to this Shahid said he just followed what Prabhudeva showed him.He said he himself was considering him as a good dancer but it was wrong as he learned from this movie R.Rajkumar is coming after the hit movies ,Rowdi Rathode and Wanted.First it was named as Rambo Rajkumar Later it was renamed as R. Rajkumar since Rambo had copy right in Hollywood.The film in which Sonakshi Sinha is the heroine will be released in December 6th.