Poonam Pandey says that The Man who Was in the Car was Her Own Brother

There was a report on Saturday that Poonam Pandey has got arrested in Mumbai. It has been reported that she was detained by the police for wearing skimpy attire and indulging in indecent act with a man in the car on late night.

But the actress has come with an explanation and different story . She said that the time is 10.30 pm when she was arrested and it not late hours by metro politan standards. She claims that the who was with her is her own brother.She also said that she was not drunk or misbehaved with any one in the car.

She also said that the cops behaved normally until she identified herself. The moment they identified their attitude has changed and they began to act aggressive and pulled the matter to some other level.
She added that with her name the cops might have identified her as a person from Uttar Pradesh and an outsider and this might have triggered them to take action against her.