Police Maman

The  film Police Maman ,  scripted and directed by B.R Jacob  has Baburaj as lead of male protagonist.  After doing so many villain characters Baburaj  is coming  as the main lead in the movie for the first time. This role is entirely different from the other  roles what he has done so far. Sunitha Varma is the female protagonist of this movie. Sankunni  ( Baburaj) is a DYSP and he does not show any qualities of a police officer. He is not interested in his job and is so irresponsible .  He got this job accidently and hence  he does not like his job. The  accused of the  cases handled by him will get escaped somehow and because of  this he is at times suspended from  duty. The suspension makes him very happy may be he is one the rare person who is doing the job only to get suspension He loves to be farmer and enjoys his suspension time in his village with his wife. This is the life what Shankunni needs.  But at one time after suspension he is assigned a job which is different from the earlier ones and this resulting events in the course of investigation has been picturised hilariously in the film Police Maman. The role of Sankunni is done by Baburaj and his wife by Sunitha Varma. There is nothing special to mentioned for this role. Baburaj tried to handle comedy in this movie but failed miserably. The movie was lacking a good script, this would be one of the reason for the films failure. The role of the female protagonist has entirely got restricted in glamour. Vishnu Ragav, Nithin Paul, Suresh Thampi, Indrans , Sreejith Ravi, Spadikam George, Chalipala, Vijay mon are the other actors in the film The film is produced under the Banner V.B Creations and Vani Viswanath. For the Lyrics of Chittor Gopi Amal has given music. Even then the film cannot be saved and the verdict is very poor.