Philips & the Monkey Pen Is Golden Pen For The Children

Debut directors Rojin Thomas and Shanil Muhammed have succeeded in making a children’s movie. They have done it 100% to be a children’s movie. Instead of seeing with the eyes of an adult, the director succeeded in taking this movie through the minds of children.
The story progress through three Philips. A Naval officer called Richard Philip(Joy Mathew), Roy Philip(Jaya Surya) who married a Muslim girl without obeying Richard, Roy’s wife Sameera (Remya Nambeesan) who is from Malabar and is into catering job, their son Reyan Philip(Sanoop Santhosh) are the main characters. The theme is the conversion of Reyan Philip who is a naughty child to a child of good qualities.
Reyan Philip is poor in Mathematics. Just due to this his main problem is Pappan, who is the Maths teacher. He is not able to finish the home works given by Pappan. A team of four including Reyan are making plans how not to do the homework and escape beating by Pappan. God(Innocent) appears infront of Reyan with solutions to all his problem. A monkey pen he gets from his grandpa’s home solves all his problem. The monkey pen does all his home works automatically and he gets a good name in the class. Pappan who used to call him idiot makes him the leader of maths competition group. Monkey pen helps him to be number one in the school. But, as his father Roy Philip tells him that false things will not lead to success, he realizes the fact and understands that Roy Philip was doing all home work for him. He throws the monkey pen to the sea.
The movie presents a son-father relationship and some naughty moments makes it a good entertainer. It is a good film to teach the viewers how to bring up their children. Hence, it is a worth watch for all age groups.
Master Sanoop has presented an excellent acting as Reyan Philip and hence proved that he is the younger brother of Sanoosha. Also, all the children acted as his friends presented excellent acting skills. One amoung the producers, Vijay Babu, Jaya Soorya, Joy Mathew and Remya Nambeesan have done justice to their roles. This is a good new generation movie with good music. The directors, Shanil is 24 years old and Rojin is 21 years only. They are from Kannur and Thiruvananthapuram respectively. The music composer Rahul Subramanian is 24 years old. Let us all wish that they achieve 100 percent success and also come with more such films.