PC George As Chief Minister

If PC George is expelled from the parliament as Chief Whip for his boneless tongue, what then? He will sit on the chair of Chief Minister, but not in politics, in a movie named ‘Vikrithikkuttan’ directed by Sangeeth Luis. The thundering dialogues are being by hearted by PC George to make it OK in one take. He is about to be balled out any time from politics. Hence, he has to look for another job! Who can defeat PC George? If his tongue became villain in politics, it is his tongue helping him in cinema. He speaks the dialogue very fast and also brought in some changes to the screen play. Earlier he has acted in KK Road as opposition leader.
Another political leader in this film is CPI leader Pannian Raveendran acting as college principal. This is his second picture. In his first film he was a tribal elder. There are more political leaders, viz, KP Mohanan, Manjaalam Kuzhi Ali etc. In this movie being shot in a political and college back ground, hero is a kannada actor Rohan Gauda and heroine is Thriraksha. The other actors are, Madhu, Captain Raju, Manoj K Jain, Suraj Venjaaranmood etc.