Pawan Kalyan will have my blessings : Chiranjeevi

Telugu Actor Pawan Kalyan has launched his own political party named ‘Jana Sena’ and has been making strong allegations against Congress party. Pawan Kalyan is the brother of congress Union tourism minister K Chiranjeevi. He is also set to make a grand alliance with TDP and BJP, who are rivals to congress party, and will Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad to discuss about the alliance. Pawan said that he would do anything that was required to wipe out congress in Seemandhra and is willing to tie-up with any party who is against the congress.

Pawan Kalyan has taken up the slogan ‘Congress hatao, desh bachao’ and gone into confrontation with his brother. In the 2009 elections, Pawan had campaigned for Chiranjeevi, who had launched Praja Rajyam Party then.

Central Minister,Chiranjeevi who recently confirmed that he will never leave Congress party. The congress is the only party that practices secularism and social justice. Hence we would like to be in the party for ever as his ideology suits it.

He confirmed that his brother Pawan Kalyan will have his blessings in politics as he is younger brother. “Everyone will have their own separate ideologies even if they are brothers. My brother Pawan Kalyan will have my blessings, but in politics, he is my rival”, Chiranjeevi said.