Padmapriya To do A Period Character Again

Padmapriya is the Actress who has a classic facial features which suits the Characters with Historical Importance. This she has already been proved by doing the character of Neeli in Pazhassiraja. Now again she will be seen playing a period character.

She will be seen in the upcoming project of Amal Neerads ‘Iyobinte Pusthakam’ in which she play a Christian women named Rahel of pre independence era. The film tells the story from the era 1910 to 1970 which belongs to a genre which is not familiar. Fahad Faasil and Isha Sahrvani play the central characters in the film. Lal, Jayasurya, Reenu Mathews, Lena are the other star cast in the film.

‘Iayabinte Pusthakam is a chapter from the Old Testament. The director Amal Neerad is making a suspense thriller based on this historical, and periodic era. This will be a fictional story , an entertainer but will have reference to the socio – political happenings of the era.