Our Aim Is Not To Oust The Government: Leader Of Opposition

Thiruvanantthapuram:Opposition leader V.S.Achuthanandan says that it is not an aim to oust the government. The opposition is asking only the resignation of Chief minister and he facing the judicial enquiry in solar case. The claim that there in no evidence about chief ministers role in solar scam is wrong.The evidences came up and the court made comments on that too.Even after that if the chief minister is asking for proof ,he has got a very thick skin ;he said. This in not Timbuktu ,this is Kerala V.S said.V.S was replying to the 13 questions raised by Chief Minister asking for answer from opposition.
If he had any commitment to people , will he allow people like Saritha to step in and out to his office many times,he asked.Chief Minister is left alone in the ministry and in the alliance , and only A group is with him added V.S.