orissa -Indiamovies.net Unni Mukundan and Sanika Nambiar handle the leading roles in the movie Orissa. Its director is Padmakumar. The romance between Suneyee and Kristudas leads to a great turmoil in a tiny village. This is the sum and substance of the picture. The village beauty Suneyee daily goes out with a pot to fetch drinking water. A khaki-clad youngster with a gun always follows her like a shadow. Initially it was an awful scene to the villagers Then gradually they got used to it. By the time they all knew, it was a police protection offered to her by the Govt:. Kristudas was always following her and also enjoying the picturesque beauty of that village. Suneyee dared to challenge the age-old customs of that village and that prompted the villagers to revolt against her. And this led to her police protection . On the day of ‘Agni Powrnami’ all the villagers used to gather together at a certain place. And on that day, all girls past the age of 18 were offered to the land-lords as a compliment. But Suneyee’s mother refused to tow this line of custom. Consequently a land-lord killed her mother. The villagers didn’t keep quiet this time as usual. They got infuriated and a school teacher of the village took on the land-lords. This blew up into a mass protest. Consequently the Govt: interfered and ordered police protection for Suneyee. In the meanwhile Kristudas had secured a job in place of his dead father. And he in turn took care of Suneyee. That carried the things into a different level. Sanika Nambiar made her debut in Ollympian Anthony as a child artist and that was applauded by every one. Not only her, even Kaniha as a ‘Devadasi’ presented a very good performance. The director and the location staff succeeded in giving the feel of Orissa to the spectators. The team had a clear sense of understanding about the viewers’ mind. Due to off-screen prompting, the movie at times slipped to the level of a documentary. And the literary dialogues, at times gave it the feel of an olden drama too. In spite of all these draw-backs, Padma Kumar as a whole succeeded in giving a good movie to the viewers.