Opportunity to act in Vineeth Sreenivasans new film

It is known that the industry is looking for fresh actor and actresses in the upcoming new film which has Vineeth Sreenivasan playing the lead role. The film would be directed by Leo Thadevoos and it is for this the casting call has been announced. The invitation has been posted for the persons who are interested in acting between 18 and 60’s . the film would be produced by Opas Penta.
The makers of the film says that there will be priority for men and women Whoever has the self confidence on acting. The audition would be conducted on 25th , 26th and 30 th of this month at Neo film school near to Ernakulam International Stadium. The time schedule would be from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on these daes. Who ever is interested can sent their bio data to email id [email protected]