The upcoming new film titled Oolapeeli will have Biju Menon playing the lead role. The film is directed by Krish Kaimal.
The film Oolapeeli is made with an idea team movie about the people who work on the back stage in the filsms and the fans. The film also tells about the salary of the people who is involved in the making of the film and the investments of the film lovers . the film Oolapeeli also focus on the idea to bring a good film in front of the film lovers who invest money to watch the film.
Besides Biju Menon the film will also have the actors like Paris Lakshmi, Sreejith ravi, Kanjana Amma, Deva Prayag, Anjali Upasana, and Sethulaksmi Amma. The direction and the story of the film is by Krish Kaimal. The photography of the film will also by director himself. The music director of the film is Anil Jhonson.