One more “I” for Kochutiyan

Passion of the film workers for Numerology and faith in astrology are nothing new. Let it be Bollywood or Kollywood, most of the actors and producers show strong belief in such things. That is why at times it becomes difficult to read out some of their names when written in English. In Malayalam also there are many examples like that of director Joshi. There are also directors who write their name in different ways in defferent films. Now it is the Rajaneekaanth picture KochuTiyan in news about changing its name as per numerology.

The 3D animation movie Kochutiyan, directed by Soundrya, daughter of Rajanikanth will be released shortly.The picture employs a motion capture technology and displays a very high technological profile. But, at the last moment, they have added an “i” to the name of the picture as per numerology, as advised by Rajanikanth himself. Numerologist Sanjay Jumaani has suggested to add this “i” to the name of the movie for its success. He has been a numerologist for actors including Salman Khan. Sanjay Jumani said that Rajaneekaanth has approached him for the same. Soundarya also declared this change on Twitter.