On What Basis Manju was made the Brand Ambassador for The Organic Farming?

The success of the film ‘How Old Are you’ lies purely in the character Nirupama Rajiv , played by Manju Warrier , who achieve success in her life by cultivating organic vegetable garden on her terrace. With this Kerala State Government announced Manju Warrier as The Good Will Ambassador for the Organic Farming. Actor Salim Kumar, the winner of the National Award has reacted strongly against this in his recent interview given to Chandrika. He said ‘Nowadays people only want the persons who act. We can see so many people who make farming to get highlighted in the media. Among them we cannot find anyone who really loves farming. Everything is based on acting. These people only want their names to be published in the news papers. They hardly do anything to promote farming. Manju Warrier in a film played a character who cultivates organic vegetables and if the film achieved success. She is immediately promoted as Ambassador for Organic Farming. You should know that all these things are done by Government. They are not looking to the matter whether Manju Warrier knows about Farming or whether she does farming. They are not able to identify the real people who love and attached to the farming. Salim Kumar said that if you want people who loves farming from the film industry then only two perons can be mentioned. Balachandra Menon has received the Karshaka Shree Award. No body is aware about this fact. Besides him, sreenivasan also approaches farming seriously. Salim Kumar Said that in his knowledge only these two loves farming. Outside the film industry there is lot of people who really loves farming. Government is not willing to promote them. He added.