NRI issues

Rehabilitation package. Decision taken in the ministerial meeting.

Date : June 21, 2013 | Time : 12:00:00 PM

Pravasi-Malayalee--NewskeralaTrivandrum: The ministerial meeting held yesterday took a decision to implement a ‘Rehabilitation Package’ for the repatriates from Kuwait and Saudi. The next ministerial meeting will give approval to the package. This will be a scheme to find self-employment with the help of the banks and the central govt:, said the Chief Minister Ummen Chandi. Those who return now, due to the present crisis will be given preference.

In the meanwhile, the govt: will try to engage the returnees in jobs in foreign countries itself with the help of Malayali industrialists there. Others will be offered the self employment scheme. For this a meeting of the industrialists and the bankers will be called soon.

After the interference of the Central Govt:, the situation in Saudi has improved a lot. Those who can regularize their documents could continue there. Others have to return. With the help of the Central Govt: their return travel will be arranged. From Kuwait even people with proper documents are being sent back. Here also the Central Govt: is trying to ease the situation.


Expatriate rehabilitation package will be ready within a month

Date : June 14, 2013 | Time : 03:28:00 PM

KC Joseph
KC Joseph

Trivandrum: The minister K C Joseph said that the package for rehabilitating the repatriates will be ready in a month’s time. The Govt: will try to find suitable employment opportunities for the returning technical experts, said the minister in the Assembly.

MLA  Abdul Khadar stated that in Saudi and Kuwait expatriate employees are being replaced with their own nationals and hence Indians there are facing a difficult situation. The minister in reply to this, said the situation is not that bad and the Govt: will soon take the necessary steps to solve this problem.

At the same time the motion brought forward by the opposition regarding the nationalization going on in the Gulf countries was postponed on the assurance from the Govt: that this shall be taken up for discussion at a later stage.


‘Nithakhat’ – Special on-line arrangement.

Date : June 11, 2013 | Time : 11:04:00 AM

Nitaqat-NewskeralaMangalapuram: Saudi Passport dept: has arranged a special on-line set-up to issue visa to foreign nationals. As the July 03 deadline approaches the queue before the Passport office is becoming longer. The new on-line set-up helps to reduce the work load on the employees of the office.

This helps the applicants to get the visa without taking the trouble of standing in the queue and filling up the forms. Some computers have been installed in the Passport office for this purpose. The foreign applicants have to enter their ‘Ekhama’ number in this. After that the applicant must get his two fingers scanned in the nearby machine. After confirming that the finger print is of a genuine applicant the machine will issue a ‘user name’ and a ‘password’. Using this, the applicant could enter the website of the Home dept: and file the visa application. Visa will be given without much delay. For this nobody has to submit any photo or any other documents.