Not only Prithivraj, Nivin Pauly will also become Amar

The upcoming new film starring Prithivraj in the lead role is Amar Akbar Antony directed by Nadirshah. In that Prithivraj will play the character of Amar. Now there is a latest news that actor Nivin Pauly will also play a character named Amar in a film. He will doing the title role of Amar in the upcoming new film titled Amar Chitra Katha. Vinay Govind would be directing the film and Vivek Ranjith is doing the script. Vinay Govind has earlier directed the film titled Kili Poyi.
Along with Nivin Aju Wargheese will also play an important character in the film. the shoot of the film will get kicked off by this year end. The main location of the film would be Kochi and Darjeling.