Not Conceited To Recive an Oscar Says Santhosh Pandit

Eight songs, eight dance sequence, eight fighting sequence, eight heroines and one hero. The star will be Santhosh Pandit Himself.
The film ‘Minimolude Achan’ directed by the self proclaimed super star Santhosh Pandit has reached the theaters . What is this number eight means ? To the question he answered that he was born on April 8th . But this 8 is not because of his birth date, it is because he has related this number to his film.
The story is based on a certain incidents which take place in a hospital and the film has eight songs. He claims that all his songs are already a super hit in the YouTube. He also announced the title of his next venture ‘Neelima Nalla Kuttiyanu’ . He told that if he was awarded with Oscars, he will definitely accept it and he is not conceited to refuse it.