No Time To Gestate; Vidya Balan

The Paparazzi have no better work than inquiring about the love life
of actresses and their boyfriends until they get married. Once they have got married, the next inquiry will be whether they got pregnant. Recently, Paparazzi of the Bollywood were out with news and headline about pregnancy of Kareena Kapoor and Vidya Balan. The news about Vidya Balan is spreading that she is pregnant. But, in an interview given to a prime media,Vidya Balan had said that she is not getting enough time to become pregnant. Since, all her dates for 2014 have been booked, she is not getting time to share private moments with her husband. She said that she is unable to meet with her husband Sidharth Roy Kapoor, a businessman and what they have is a fun mate relationship now. “Life with him is very joyous, but, at the moment it is just fun sake” says Vidya.