No Reconstitution, No Leadership Change- Antony

AK Antony - Newskerala
AK Antony

Kochi: There is no move to change the leader or to reconstitute the ministry says Central Defense Minister A K. Antony. To his knowledge the high command has not given any such instruction to reconstitute nor there any such discussion. He was talking to the media at Nedumbaserry Airport.

It is normal to happen controversies but have to learn from them and move forward. Not to expect the resignation of Chief Minister. The problems in Kerala can be solved here itself. High command will interfere only in problems which an not be solved.

Administration should be moved forward cautiously. It is the over expectation of the opposition to make the chief minister to resign by strikes. In Solar issues, they should have the patience till the investigation gets completed. Marxist party has been many times to power in Kerala. They should show little more responsibility. Antony added.