No More Into Big Boss: Salman Khan

Mumbai: Super star Salman Khan said that he does not wish to return to ill-famed reality show Big Boss. In big boss this will be his final season, he said. He was infuriated while repeating that he never wants to come back to big boss any more.

Salman was enraged by the action of Kushal Tandon who has ill treated actress Thanisha Mukherjee. Kushal got enough scolding from Salman. It might be now difficult for Kushal to regain his lost image.

The super star did not hesitate to add that it is from his own life experience he has advised Kushal. ” Just one mistake and the public will keep remembering it” Salaman said.

Just due to this one incident Salman has decided to quit Big Boss. He informed his fans on Twitter that the real scene is far from what is shown out. “What you have seen is just a one hour show, but the reality is much beyond that” he said. I have seen the whole thing.

But the actor has no complaints about Big Boss. The viewers have already accepted the program which is evident by positive responses.