No film With Mohanlal Immediately – Says Venu

Cinematographer turned Director Venu who came back to Malayalam cinema with film Munnariyippu after a long gap of fifteen years has given new expectations. Fans are expecting so many good quality films from this director. Before the celebration of his recent film ‘munnariyippu’ is over, we heard a news that Venu is going to direct a film with Mohanlal in the lead. But the director has denied it and said that he will definitely work with Mohanlal in the future and he has a project with Mohanlal in his mind. But it will not happen immediately. It may happen in the future,. He also said that he had actually planned to make a film with Mohanlal earlier before ‘Munnariyippu’. But due to some reasons the project did not get materialized and the project was put on hold. But presently he is busy with the discussions about his next venture. But the films are not with Mohanlal. But that does not mean that he is not going to make film with Mohanlal.he may make film with Mohanlal in the future but not now as he is busy planning his next projects. Venu’s comeback film ‘Munnariyippu’ with Mamootty in the leading is getting good reviews from all quarters. One of the fan has called venu and told that he was able to see a good performance from the star after a long gap