Nivin Pauly breaks record in You-Tube

Nivin Pauly In the history of Malayalam Cinema the young Malayalam actor Nivin Pauli broke a record in You-tube. Four songs of Nivin have already hit the millionth mark. Another one is about to hit. The songs were from an album of last year and two movies released this year. It all started with the album ‘Yuv’ released in April 2012. The song ‘Nenchod cherth paattonnu paadaam’ was enacted by Nivin Pauli and Nasriya. This song turned a hit in a few seconds. Another song ‘Muthuchippi poloru’ from the movie ‘Thattathin Marayath’ directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan was seen by over 2.3 million viewers on You-tube. Another song ‘Anuragathin velayil’ also got a place in the million hit chart. The song ‘Pista suma kira somari jama kiraya’ from the movie ‘Neram’ enacted by the Nivin-Nasriya pair reached the 1.6 million mark in less than a month. The song ‘Vaathil melle’ from the same movie also is nearing the millionth mark. But Nivin Pauli gives the credit for the record hits to the directors of the songs Sachin Sreejith, Rajesh Murali and Shan. He has not forgotten the lyric writers to be included in the list.